Best Whatsapp Marketing Services Company In Chennai

WhatsApp is a cross-platform mobile app that allows users to exchange messages across several mobility platforms (iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, and Windows Phones). A smartphone user may miss your text message but not your WhatsApp marketing message because it is not even a second before the conventional text message. Whatsapp is a next-generation app since it not only allows marketers to send media-rich bulk WhatsApp messages to their target audience, but it also allows digital marketing professionals to reach out to a subscriber base of 2 billion individuals worldwide (and growing) that are on WhatsApp.

It is now feasible to reach out to your target audience more quickly than ever before. Because of WhatsApp’s Broadcast List function. Broadcast Lists are preserved lists of message receivers to whom marketers may send broadcast messages frequently without having to manually pick them each time.

WhatsApp: A Whole New Horizon To Mobile Marketing

Business owners are beginning to see the marketing possibilities that WhatsApp may provide for their company. Some of the reasons why WhatsApp marketing has grown so quickly. There are several compelling reasons why this cross-platform messaging software is transforming marketing and audience communication.

Support For Multiple Media Formats

There are restrictions with text-based communications. Assume you wish to send your clients a new year’s message or photographs of your newly introduced product. It is unable to use text messaging since it does not support images. WhatsApp is not one of them. It allows you to deliver messages to clients in the following formats:

  • Text
  • Images
  • Videos
  • vCards
  • Voice

Ability To Track How Message Broadcast Performs

WhatsApp just released a new feature called Green tick. It informs senders of the message’s status. The tick turns blue if the message is opened and read by the recipient. You can now quickly observe how many people read your business communication. Marketers will now be able to easily assess the effectiveness of their promotional advertising messaging efforts.

Allows Sending Messages to DND Numbers

You don’t have to bother about DND phone numbers while sending a message to a broadcast list. Marketers may even contact users on the list via WhatsApp. That is, using WhatsApp to create a consumer outreach without the worry of message spam is now conceivable.