When a user clicks on an advertisement, a cookie is placed on his or her computer. If the user clicks on your ad and navigates to one of your conversion pages, the cookie is sent to a Google server, and a little conversion tracking graphic is shown on your site. When this occurs, Google registers a successful conversion for you. This information is available in the Campaign Summary portion of your AdWords account’s “Campaign Management” page (Google Conversion Tracking).

Definition Of Terms

Numbers of conversions

A conversion occurs when an ad click immediately leads to a user doing action on your website. Multiple conversions from a single ad click are only counted as one.

Average value

The total value of all conversions is divided by the total number of conversions.

Code snippet

A little piece of HTML and JavaScript code is placed on your website’s conversion completion page (the Thank you for your purchase/sign-up/visit page).


When a user completes the desired activity on your sites, such as a purchase or information request. A conversion is the desired outcome of a person visiting your website.

Conversion page

The page on your website that seems to validate the completion of the desired activity — is often, the Thank you for your purchase/sign-up/visit page.

Conversion rate

The number of conversions is divided by the number of clicks on qualified ads. Only Google and a few of our ad network sites track conversions. The conversion rate is updated to reflect only ad clicks for which conversions can be tracked.