What Are Google Search Partners?

According to Google, search partners are websites that have cooperated with Google to display advertisements. In exchange, these websites will earn a portion of the advertising profits. Some sites in the search partner network utilize Google to operate their site search functionality, including online directories and smaller search engines like Ask and, until recently, AOL. Google-owned sites like Maps, Gmail, and YouTube are also covered, so anticipate your advertising to be displayed here as well. (Google Search Partners)

Where To Find Google Search Partner Data

If you’ve included search partners in your campaign, it’s critical to evaluate these advertisements regularly to ensure they’re not negatively impacting the overall success of your campaign.

AdWords may give you a breakdown of the performance of advertisements displayed on Google search and search partner sites. This data may be segmented by using the Segment tool and then choosing Network (with search partners) at both the Ad Group and Campaign levels:

How To Make Google Search Partners Work For You

When launching a Google search campaign, you have the choice to:

  • Either way, your advertising will only appear on Google’s SERP.
  • Alternatively, you might expand your adverts into their search partner network.

When you create a search campaign, you have instantly opted into the display network and search partners.

It is a commonly established recommended practice to deactivate the display network within search campaigns.

However, unlike the display network, there is no other way to target the search partner network other than by layering it into a search campaign.

The search partner network has both advantages and disadvantages.

The most significant benefit? increased visibility for your advertisements.

The biggest disadvantage? Control and visibility are lacking. (If you’re reading this, Google, this is low-hanging fruit for enhancing advertiser happiness.)

With that said, let’s discuss several methods for gaining insight and control to ensure that your search partner network is working optimally.