Online marketing has shifted away from tried-and-true methods like affiliate and advertisement marketing and toward the quickly expanding field of international social networking. Because it is simple, efficient, and stylish, social bookmarking is an excellent method for traffic-boosting search engine optimization (SEO).

A social bookmark is a link that individuals share on social media sites for the benefit of others because they think it is interesting, valuable, or cool.

Social bookmarks resemble the bookmarks you currently have on your computer in certain ways. The distinction between the two is that social bookmarks are saved to the web and may therefore be readily shared, whilst private bookmarks are saved to your browser.

The concept of social bookmarking is straightforward: submit links to prominent social bookmarking websites to boost your traffic and acquire a steady supply of new readers and clients.

Content and connections that are freely shared with other Internet users have virtually limitless growth potential. One link, for example, may swiftly grow and reach thousands of desktops across the world if one user sends it on to others, who in turn pass it on to others, and so on.

Social bookmarks can reach a considerably larger audience and produce substantially more traffic than other internet marketing tactics since they may be passed on endlessly.

Reasons why social bookmarking should be included in your SEO plan

Fast Site Indexing

Search engine optimization is frequently a game of waiting. But what about when you don’t have many weeks to spare? Engaging with social bookmarking networks is one strategy to get Google to quickly crawl your website. Google and other search engines are continually scanning these networks. When Google discovers connections between your work on several social bookmarking sites, it will index it much faster than if the social bookmarks did not exist.

Send Social Signals

Because of the nature of social bookmarking, social signals are broadcast throughout the internet, alerting Google that the material you’ve created is worth sharing and bookmarking. As a consequence, Google gets notified that your material is beneficial to a certain set of individuals, and your SEO will benefit as a result.

Do-Follow Links

Do-follow links receive a lot of attention in the world of search engine optimization. Do-follow links basically pass on part of the linked website’s SEO strength, whereas no-follow links do not. Many individuals believe that social bookmarking sites are pointless since the hyperlinks are no-follow. Although not always the case, Digg, Diigo, and Scoop are examples of social bookmarking sites that may supply your business with excellent do-follow connections.

Targeted Traffic

Most company websites cater to a certain market. When you operate in a niche, getting massive traffic from all over the world isn’t always beneficial. What is more beneficial is obtaining targeted traffic from a certain demographic in which you are interested. This is where participation in social bookmarking might assist. People that find your website through social bookmarking will be interested in what you have to say. This implies you’re more likely to attract devoted followers and increase your page views, and Google will favor your newfound prominence in a specialty.

Boost Your Page Rank

Your Page Rank will ultimately increase as a result of the advantages mentioned above. When determining how to rank web pages and websites, Google considers incoming connections from sites with high domain authority, social signals dispersed across several platforms, and interaction with a specific audience. By redirecting some of your SEO efforts to social bookmarking, you will notice that your sites have improved Google rankings and are climbing to the top of search results more quickly.