Workflow Automation Company in Chennai

Workflow automation can make your life easier and more productive. Automation means that you don’t have to spend your time repeating the same tasks over and over again. Workflow automation is a process of executing predefined tasks in a sequential manner. In order to set up workflow automation, you will need a tool that can be connected with other tools or apps to automate the process. Many businesses use zapier integration and pabbly integration for workflow automation as it is easy to understand and set up. It is a service that allows you to connect any tool with any other tool, which makes it a very valuable resource for those who want their workflows automated but don’t want to deal with the technicality of APIs or complicated integrations.

Zapier is a powerful automation tool. It can be used by anyone ranging from a beginner who has no clue about coding to a developer looking for something more advanced. You can use Zapier and give it commands in the form of “this happens when that happens.” The automation is created when you connect different apps together and tells them what to do when one app completes an action; for example, “send me a text message” or “post this photo on Instagram”.

We are very helpful to automate your applications. Our team is experienced understand your requirements and can help to automate and simplified your process.

Schedule Workflows

Set a time and date for when you want the workflow to run. Like once a day, every hour, every minute, every day, every week, etc.

Delay Workflows

You can set a time limit on how long the following action will be delayed by using the delay step. The time frame might be in minutes, hours, days, weeks, or at any exact time and date.

Advance Workflows

Make complex workflows with the aid of routers and pathways. A router will enable you to carry out various operations in accordance with the filter conditions you specify.

Email Parser

Email Parser efficiently extracts information from incoming emails, such as the sender’s name, the email’s subject, the message’s body, and any attachments, so that it can be processed further.

Connect Any Application

API modules made it possible to integrate with any programme that has an API. This module also gives you a number of customised options that support different API topologies.


A data collection is divided into a number of values using an iterator, and each value is then processed one at a time until the last value is reached. Other action steps that are introduced after the Iterator step can receive any value.

Some of our workflow automation is below

  1. Add Facebook leads to Google Sheets
  2. Send Facebook leads to MS Excel, Gmail, WhatsApp & SMS
  3. Send lead alerts on WhatsApp to multiple persons
  4. Send bulk messages from google sheet to WhatsApp
  5. Integrate salesforce with WhatsApp
  6. Integrate WhatsApp cloud API with Zoho CRM
  7. Automatically reply new google review
  8. Share zoom recording on WhatsApp
  9. Get WhatsApp remainder for Microsoft to do task before due date
  10. Google form responses to PDF document and send the PDF on email to form submitter
  11. Create 1000’s of PDF files from google sheet automatically
  12. Create Flipbook from Gmail attachment
  13. Follow-up SMS to your leads
  14. Connect Facebook lead ads to Mailchimp to add subscribers
  15. Send email for survey responses
  16. Send automated remainder for insurance renewal
  17. Automate WhatsApp remainders
  18. Create personalized offer letter and ID card for the new employees
  19. Send WhatsApp button with quick reply button and call to actions
  20. Automation with google sheet on basis of specific responses
  21. Get an SMS notification when the document is signed
  22. Create google my business events from google sheet
  23. Send SMS for multiple product orders
  24. Add form responses to multiple email list
  25. Send RSS feeds to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Discord and Telegram
  26. Add YouTube title + description automatically
  27. Sync outlook calendar with google calendar
  28. Automation in social media marketing
  29. Get employees weekly report on WhatsApp automatically
  30. Upload drop box files to cloudinary
  31. Add subscribers in mail chimp from VideoAsk form response
  32. How to send outlook mails to WhatsApp
  33. Create quick book invoices from Docparser
  34. Automatically reply to YouTube video comment
  35. Send WhatsApp messages to slack channel
  36. Add WooCommerce orders details into Shipday dispatch system
  37. Automate invoice creation with google sheet
  38. Add Facebook leads to copper CRM
  39. Publish YouTube videos to WordPress automatically
  40. Send follow-up to Facebook leads on WhatsApp
  41. Add subscriber in Mailerlite when payment received in Instmojo
  42. Add Instamojo payment details to Google sheet
  43. Send appointment confirmation messages on WhatsApp to clients
  44. Save Pinterest pin in Google drive
  45. Add Google forms responses to Zoho CRM
  46. Add Mailchimp subscribers to Zoho sheet
  47. Collect employee documents via form and save to Google drive
  48. Create Facebook leads ads form and get leads on WhatsApp
  49. Collect leads from google form and add to pipe drive
  50. Save QuickBooks invoices to MS Excel
  51. Send SMS to customer on form submission
  52. Add WooCommerce orders to Google sheet
  53. Add contact from MS Excel to SendGrid
  54. Send SMS on webinar registration
  55. Send WhatsApp messages for razor pay payments
  56. Receive notification on WhatsApp for WooCommerce orders
  57. Send emails to multiple customers for feedback at specific intervals
  58. Post Tweet from MS Excel to Twitter
  59. Send Razor pay failed payment details to MS Excel
  60.  Send email from MS Excel – MS Excel to Gmail integration
  61. Create Trello cards from new rows in MS Excel
  62. Connect Asana and Microsoft to do
  63. Create Task on Microsoft to do from Google calendar events
  64. Add Microsoft to do task to Google sheet
  65. Create task in Microsoft to do for pipe drive deals
  66. Add Mailchimp subscribers to MS Excel
  67. Save telegram message to MS Excel sheet
  68. Add Stripe payment details to MS Excel
  69. Add Google forms response to MS Excel
  70. Add HubSpot form submissions to Excel as new rows
  71. Send automated emails to disqualified candidates when data is added to MySQL
  72. Create online admission in Google form and share link on WhatsApp
  73. Send data from Excel to MySQL
  74. Forward SMS to Gmail automatically
  75. Receive SMS in Google sheet – Twilio to Google sheets
  76. Receive WhatsApp notification when funds are transferred from PayPal account to your bank
  77. Send SMS whenever new lead is generated in Kartra – Kartra Twilio integration
  78. Send WhatsApp messages to Facebook leads and add details to Google sheet and Google contacts
  79. Integrate Zoho with QuickBooks online
  80. Send Microsoft Outlook emails on Facebook lead ads submission form
  81. Power on or of Digital Ocean droplets weekly automatically
  82. Enrol a user in WebinarKit on successful Instamojo payment
  83. Register user from Facebook lead ads to WebinarKit and save in Google sheets
  84. Register user to WebinarKit on Google forms on Google forms submission
  85. Automatically backup your Digital Ocean droplets once a week
  86. Add Facebook lead ads to Zoho CRM automatically
  87. Get SMS alert on your phone for new Facebook leads
  88. Create 80G receipts once payments is received through Instamojo
  89. Send HubSpot deal information on slack
  90. Create Trello cards for new Microsoft Teams Channel messages
  91. Send GIF from GIFY on WhatsApp
  92. Get Google analytics reports on Slack
  93. Create task in Trelio when Google analytics page view is drop
  94. Send party/Event invitation to Mailchimp contacts from Eventbrite
  95. Send Facebook leads to Slack & also add to Salesforce CRM
  96. Assign leads to multiple agents sequentially and also send leads to agents on WhatsApp
  97. Create invoices for QuickBooks online customers from new WooCommerce orders
  98. Send quotation to clients on WhatsApp when they submit form
  99. Register user to Zoom Webinar on successful Stripe payment
  100. Send WhatsApp alerts for expiring subscriptions

And more on …