Clinical Research
for the Digital Age
Our Periscope 360™ Site & Trial Management System helps Pharma and CROs conduct clinical trials with rapid, high quality data acquisition and transfer.
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Parallel Enrollment

Empirican simultaneously screens our entire network of Affiliate Investigator practices to reduce delays in subject recruitment.
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and eSource Data
Empirican's state-of-the-art technology solutions deliver secure
FDA-compliant data acquisition, transmission, archiving and analytics.
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Who We Are

Empirican PRN is a physician-directed clinical research network dedicated to rapid, high quality patient enrollment. We are a novel, integrated solution to subject recruitment, eConsent and eSource that is both FDA and HIPAA compliant.
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Our Network

Empirican’s diverse collection of physicians form a network focused on active enrollment, meaningful consent processes and comprehensive subject education. We are driven by our commitment to high quality data acquisition in the service of clinical research.
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Our Services

Site Initiation and Close-Out Operations

We handle all trial management details from regulatory submission to log, site maintenance and GCP/Protocol training for each of our Investigators, keeping our network regulatory compliant from start to finish.

Patient Recruitment and Follow-Up

We couple a capacity to screen our network for Subjects and confirm eligibility in a HIPAA and FDA compliant manner with computerized calendaring to prevent protocol violations and improve performance.

Trial Documentation, Archiving and Analytics

Our Periscope 360™ system is designed to prevent data loss and corruption from point of contact to final submission. We model network behavior to give our Sponsors unique insights into trial operation and site-specific logistics.
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